Keep Swimming Pools CleanPool Service Companies in the Spring and Houston Texas areas can be found on the real Google search engines, Yahoo or Bing.

If you need find a reputable pool cleaning company to help you with your pool. Please callĀ 281-528-7575 to save on regular swimming pool cleaning and maintenance in Spring, TX.

If you're looking for one of the Best Pool Cleaning Service Companies in the Spring area. Then you'll definitely want to turn to the locally owned and trustworthy Clearwater Pool Services.

The pool service company is all orientated towards regularly taking care of their pool customers swimming pools.

They provide professional service for one time cleaning or regular weekly maintenance.

You don't have to worry about the maintenance on your swimming pool equipment because our experience techs keep an eye out for signs of any pool equipment problems which is not limited to pool equipment, filters, and plumbing connections.

Our Full Service Package includes the following services:

  1. We test chemicals
  2. Empty all baskets including the pump baskets
  3. Brush the pool
  4. Vacuum the pool
  5. Add chemicals, salt is extra ($12.00). However, if you have it there, we will add it, at no charge.
  6. Pool tech will leave you a door hanger letting you know what they did before leaving the property.

Note: Filter cleans are extra

*Refer to your written agreement for details on Actual pool cleaning services provided per package.

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